Welcome to THE HUMAN CENTIPOD! First and foremost, we have nothing to do with the movie THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE…

Carmen Lynch is a stand up comic (“The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” “Conan”). John Reynolds is a comedy writer (“Late Late Show,” “The President Show”). They’ve been dating for five years and never worked together until the coronavirus forced them into self-quarantine forever. Episodes 1 through 7 were recorded in John’s mother’s car at an undisclosed location surrounded by most of John’s family. Now they are alone together and must continue to record this podcast to maintain their sanity or else the world will end. (Kidding. The world’s going to end anyway.) BONUS: THEY HAVE LOTS OF SURPRISE GUESTS! Follow them on IG: @humancentipod AND SUPPORT THEM ON PATREON FOR MEMBERS-ONLY VIDEOS, AND MORE!

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